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Thinking About Buying a Business?


buy a businessFor smart business buyers, having someone to help them buy the RIGHT business, at the RIGHT price, and on the RIGHT terms can be the difference between a successful, profitable business… and a business you wish you never purchased!

Here’s the deal…

If you are a serious buyer (not a “tire-kicker” or “lookie-loo”), you might be a good candidate for my “Targeted Acquisition Program”.

If you do qualify (and if I have room for a new client), I can make a HUGE difference in helping you find the right business… a business specifically targeted for your personal or business situation.

I help people buy the RIGHT business the RIGHT way!

My proprietary business acquisition system integrates five services essential to you… search, due diligence, financing, pricing businesses for sale and deal targeted-acquisition-programmaking.

I will introduce you to companies for sale on the “hidden market.”

This is where up to 80% of small and midsize businesses are for sale – and all of them are for sale by-owner. Most of these owners do not advertise their business for sale, nor do they admit they are for sale to buyers they don’t know.

1.My due diligence system means you thoroughly investigate the business before buying it.

2. My analysis of the marketplace will provide you with the inside scoop about the selling prices of businesses and the most important financial ratios.

3. My deal making techniques and guidance can enable you to buy the right business the right way. Isn’t that what you want to do?

Here’s how our Targeted Acquisition Program works…

First, complete the application below which will be immediately delivered to my private email inbox.

From there, one of two things will happen…

One, if it looks like we might be a good match, I’ll call you to begin discussions to see if I can help you buy the business of your dreams. Or two, maybe what you’re looking for and what I can do are not a good fit. I’ll politely let you know.

There will be no pressure and no hassle. If you want the help of an expert, great. If not, no problem.

So before you go out and risk a “boatload of money” on the wrong business, overpay, or miss important due diligence items, fill out the form below to learn how to do it right!!